• Tug of War - Individual License

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    The timely tale of two Muslim youth who become exposed to radicalized Islam and their gripping journey to the opposite ends of the spectrum. Khalil (Played by Boonaa Mohammed) is a Somali born-again Muslim who has recently become reconnected with his faith after serving 4 years in a federal priso...

  • Tug of War - Educational License

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    The Tug of War Education Kit is an easy-to-use tool designed for sharing the film with your students, faculty, and community. The package includes everything you need to show the film and lead a discussion with up to 50 participants about radicalization and violent extremism.


  • Tug of War - Public Screening License

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    The Tug of War Live Screening kit is an all-inclusive package containing everything you will need in order to host a live public screening event in your community. The film ‘Tug of War’ has been shown around the world in theaters, universities, mosques, libraries, and community organizations in o...